How To Make A Comic Book Online Course Available Now

First Week Available Now, Full Course Available 2/15/2016

Available 2/15/2016:

Making Comics Worldwide  & the High Tech High Graduate School of Education is proud to announce our first fully online project based learning learning experience: How To Make A Comic Book. This six-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will walk learners through the process of making their very first comic book. Aimed at learners ages 13 and up, we constructed the course to serve as an example of our approach to constructing project based learning experiences at High Tech High and to reflect the methods professional comic artists go through when creating.

Quick note before enrolling: The course is free to “Audit”. To receive a course certificate, which unlocks the Coursera assessment sections of the course, users will have to pay $50 or they can apply for financial aid. Course certificates ARE NOT necessary for engagement in the course. If a student or teacher would like to submit assignments off of the Coursera platform they can do so by submitting assignments to the subreddit constructed for the course. All comic creators under the age of 18 are encouraged to check with their parents before joining the subreddit forum area.


This course is taught by Patrick Yurick – the leader of and a former art educator at High Tech High Chula Vista. Patrick now works with the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to design online learning experiences. The course features guest interviews with world-renowned comic book creators – Mark Waid (Daredevil, Superman, Thrillbent, etc.) and Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze & The Marvel Oz Series). The course also features a guest appearance by Laguna College of Art & Design illustration instructor Caleb Cleveland.

The How To Make A Comic Book MOOC is available designed to be completed at your own pace.

How To Make A Comic Book MOOC – Introduction to course from Patrick Yurick on Vimeo.

Read Patrick’s article “The Story Behind The How To Make A Comic Book MOOC” to find out more about the course.




For more information contact: Patrick Yurick

To grab a copy of the press release go to:
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