#FAQDevin – Where can I find collaborators/jobs?

Anyone else have a Comic-Con hangover? Anyway—our latest question comes from T. Perran M:

I’m a writer and letterer who is still in the early stages of my comic book career. I’ve been using the money I make lettering other people comics to fund my own projects. Besides Digital Webbing and DeviantArt, where are some good place to find jobs and collaborators? I’m getting close to needing to find an artist for my next project. (Some more paying gigs wouldn’t hurt either.)

Thank you for your time.


Great question, T. Perran! If you’re looking for collaborators, there are a number of active communities to be found online. That’s where I would start. In addition to the two you mentioned, try the Whitechapel Forums and the Jinxworld Forums. My understanding is that those communities tend to be quite proactive regarding comic-making. Other options include: ConceptArt.org, Webcomic Underdogs, various G+ groups including our own, several different subreddits, and good old-fashioned social media networking. You’ll know you’ve found the right people if they’re more interested in the work than what the work pays.

Payment is important though! Several of the aforementioned communities facilitate job postings/connections. Always watch out for spec work (aka open work submissions with vague promises of payment at the end). Beyond that, networking—the bigger your pool of connections the more likely work is to find you.

Also, real-life groups such as those found on Meetup.com. The entire reason I’m even connected to all of you through Making Comics is because of a meetup group.

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  1. Michael Yakutis

    Good advice, Devin! Other places that are sometimes worth checking out are PencilJack, eLance, and (dare I say) Craigslist. Yes, while most of Craigslist is as chaotic and unreliable as the wild west, there are still honest people post honest gigs and services on there. From time to time 🙂


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