Wondercon 2014 Wrap-Up

Hey, MC Peeps! (I’ve inducted you all into a gang.)

This most recent weekend past, April 18-20th, was Wondercon in sunny (read: hot) Anaheim, CA. The local portion of the Making Comics crew (Patrick Yurick, Kevin Cullen, Adam Greenfield, and Devin Larson — me) were there to hang out with Storyforge Productions (Rachel Beck, Shelley Couvillion, and a bunch of cool people to whom I failed to make a proper introduction) and Jason Brubaker, all while promoting comic awareness.

And we were all on a panel. That too.


Entitled “Making Comics with the World,” the panel focused on our various relationships with using the internet as a platform for self-distribution and promotion.

We also unveiled our first team promotional video!

Patrick led the discussion and spoke with Jason Brubaker about his experiences with fundraising through Kickstarter and Patreon, as well as digging deeper into Jason’s experience with reaching new audiences during the run of reMind and now Sithrah. Rachel Beck and Shelley Couvillion presented on behalf of Storyforge and talked both about their comic House On Writer’s Block as well as Storyforge’s long-term plan to amass a database of helpful content to aid storytellers throughout the world.


Kevin, Adam, and I discussed the goals of Making Comics in terms of creating content to aid DIY comic creators. Mostly though, we spent our time talking about the recently completed Get A Grasp! MOOC and how blown away we were by all of the participants. You guys brought an unexpected level of passion and creativity that exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Storyforge, we’ll be able to bring you the audio from the panel sometime in the near future. Well, I say we but I really mean Adam.


We had an exceptional turnout (though admittedly we came right before a panel for the new Godzilla movie…) and on behalf of all of us on the panel, thanks to those of you that were able to make it and listen to us ramble. Afterwards, Jason had to split and the rest of us went and ate Mexican food. All in all, a success!

Evidence of the crime(s):

IMAG0615 IMAG0611 IMAG0608 IMAG0607 IMAG0604 IMAG0603 IMAG0602 IMAG0601 IMAG0590 IMAG0572 IMAG0570

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