Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 13 – Re-Issue #1 (Daniel Lieske)

Before there was Gutter Talk, and as crazy as it sounds there was life before Gutter Talk, Jason Brubaker released numerous podcasts of his own and published them on Making Comics (dotCom) 1.0. When the baton was passed to Patrick Yurick and the gang, there was some concern Jason’s podcasts would end up lost, never to be heard from again, like that one sock that gets eaten by the drier. Or something. Well, the intent to re-release these amazing conversations with even more amazing artists was there from the beginning of Making Comics (dotCom) 2.0. We just needed to grow into our ears a little bit and figure out how to walk. Now that we no longer seem to be having gravity issues, it just seemed like the right time to re-release Jason’s podcasts.

This is the first re-issue of many to come with Jason Brubaker. In this episode, Jason’s guest and sometimes co-host Daniel Lieske.


So here’s the plan. The last Friday of every month, we’ll release one of Jason’s old podcasts. This will give you at least three weeks of fresh content and one week of flashbacks to the days of yore. They will be released in the same order Jason released them. Today’s (and this month’s) episode is the very first Making Comics podcast. He and Daniel Lieske, a stellar artist based out of Germany, introduce themselves and discuss various topics of comic creation.

Queue the flashback waves….

Jason Brubaker’s reMIND and current work Sithra

Daniel Lieske’s site
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5 Responses to “Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 13 – Re-Issue #1 (Daniel Lieske)”

  1. Kirsty

    I enjoyed the old ones so much (I enjoy the new ones too!) and had listened to them many times. I’d been wondering if they were still available anywhere.
    Thank you.

  2. Joey B

    Thank you for re-releasing these! This is the VERY podcast that I stumbled upon early last year that convinced me that it was time to finally start drawing out my own comic.

  3. Viktor Svoboda

    Oh dear, I have to say this is quite terrible for me, I loved the Jasons Podcasts but I haven’t heard all of them before the big change. I wanted to listen to the episodes I haven’t heard so far but in this way of rereleasing I’ll be able to listen to old episode 17 in 17 months… That is just a lot of time not to think about it.
    I admire the effort but I don’t like the new Making Comics so much as a loved the old one. But that is just my problem, there is plenty of helpful and practical stuff. There is just too much of content for me to be able to absorb it everything. And on top of that there is not the stuff I would love to hear and it was once available, that is not good…
    Thanks anyway


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