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Comic Road 2: Scripting Time!

I’m not going to lie. Scripting is my jam. I’m a writing kinda guy, so excuse me if I get a little resource happy here. But there’s so much stuff to learn about scripts that just giving you guys only a couple of resources might break my heart. So we’ll start at square one.


Writing Tropes: Copy-Paste Plot

Tropes are storytelling devices. Used well, they enrich a story; used badly, they result in the dreaded cliché. This series of articles takes a closer look at some major tropes relevant to comics and the pitfalls they may present. (more…)

Comic Review Checklist, Part 2: Words

Hi again everyone!  This is the second part of my comic review checklist, which has three parts: everything that relates to the “flow” of the pages, everything that relates to the words on the pages, and then everything else. This is part two!  (more…)

How to Write a Script for Your Comic

Intimidated by the writing process? Having a hard time getting what’s in your head down on paper? (Do you even use paper? If so, does it have “From the desk of…” printed at the top or is it 23 napkins that you snatched from the coffee shop?) In any event, I want to teach you the “quick and dirty” way of making a script for your comic. It’s not as complicated as you might think, and you don’t need any fancy software to do it either! (more…)

Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 8 – Palle Schmidt

Adam and Patrick don’t let no stinkin’ ocean get in the way when it comes to the comic creation process. That’s why there was no hesitation when it came to scheduling an interview with Palle Schmidt, an artist, storyteller, and educator, from Denmark. Tjek det ud! That’s “check it out” in Danish, in case you didn’t feel like Googling it. You’re welcome.


Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 7 – Jason Brubaker

Sometimes a conversation takes on a life of its own, and unexpected tangents are guaranteed. In that respect, this podcast did not disappoint! What began as a thumbnail discussion with Jason Brubaker (creator of reMIND and Sithrah) quickly morphed into a fantastic conversation about his unique comic-creation process. Oh darn. Take a listen and enjoy for yourself!


Scriptwriting Software (That Won’t Break The Bank)

When it comes to writing comic scripts, there’s no “one program fits all” answer. The reason for this is because scriptwriting software tends to cater to the stage or the big screen. Times are changing, however. Recently, there was a Kickstarter (successfully funded!) that promised to produce a program designed for comic book writers. It’s called ComiXwriter, and it’s slated for release in April/May of this year. Exciting news for comic writers everywhere!