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Gutter Talk 95 Presents: Comic Fuel Episode 1

I was staring angrily at my computer screen. My final in my advanced composition class was due, and I was hours later in the process than I thought I would be at the time. My phone rang. On the other end was the excited voice of my younger sister who had just graduated from high school and was making her way slowly through her freshman year. I was starting my second year as a graphic design major and was struggling to take care of myself.

“Patrick! You’ll never guess what I discovered today!” I was annoyed at the sound of her voice. Mostly I was agitated at being behind on my assignment and was only thinking about how quickly I could get off of the phone with her.

“Yeah, what exactly did you discover?” I grumbled into my bulky Nokia cell phone (it was 2004).

“I’m an artist! I just took an elective art class and I absolutely loved it! I’m an artist like you!” I choked at the sound of this. How could she think that she was an artist after taking just one class? I had been trying to become an artist since I was ten and here was my 19 year old sister claiming that she was an artist after only one day.

“Well, that’s great sis. You know though, you aren’t a real artist.”



Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 90 – Patrick Yurick

The ultimate goal of Making Comics Worldwide and our website is to provide an extensive educational resource for those that want to, simply put, make comics. These individuals range not just in age, from pre-teens to adults, but also in experience, from those who are just starting out to those that are looking to learn something new to help push their artistic process and ventures to new levels. We even have the testimonials to prove how useful and effective the articles on our site have been to artists.

Still, we strive to do more for the artistic community than just post articles online. It’s why we have the Underdog community and these Gutter Talk podcasts. Now we have, in conjunction with Coursera and also the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that is video based in nature. You can find that course by clicking here.

In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with the Making Comics Worldwide enigmatic, benevolent, and oft-times well-dressed leader to discuss the How To Make a Comics MOOC more in depth. In this talk Adam and Patrick give you an idea of how the course came about, the struggles and joys of putting the course together, and what we at Making Comics Worldwide hope you get out of it. In other words, when you’re big and famous for your art, remember the little people.


Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 53 – Adam Greenfield

Welcome to 2015, everyone! Last year’s first podcast, also our inaugural Gutter Talk podcast, was a conversation with Adam, the host, and Patrick Yurick, the CEO of Making Comics Worldwide. This time around, however, the tables are turned. In this episode, the host becomes the guest. In this extended podcast, Patrick talks to Adam about just what makes up Adam and his experience with the recent NaNoWriMo challenge. Also included are a couple tunes by Adam’s dear friend, Andrew Havey.


#TalkingComics 24 Hour Comic Day with Patrick Yurick

Earlier this year, Making Comics Worldwide’s CEO, Patrick Yurick, embarked upon an emotionally draining, carpal-tunnel inducing quest: to take on the 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. To call the challenge grueling would be something of an understatement (it’s literally an entire day and night spent doing nothing but scripting, then sketching, then inking a brand new comic). But, after twenty-four hours of ink, sweat, and tears (and dubstep, apparently), he emerged victorious, a 24 page comic under his belt and an experience that made for a very interesting, introspective chat.