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The Flow Of A Page, Part 2

Gutters and Borders: Where The Action Really Happens

So, here it is, the second installment in my series on ‘The Flow Of A Page.’  Last time we broke it down with panel layouts, both grid and free-form, and talked about ‘The Big Z,’ that is, bouncing the reader’s eye exactly where you want it to go across the page.  This is a medium that should strive for, above all other things, clarity.  You as the artist/writer/creator are trying to convey a message (story) that should be able to be digested by the reader without confusion or chaos.  That’s not to say confusion and chaos can’t be used as effective elements as well, but that’s for another post.  You’ve already learned some rudiments on panel layout, so now we will move on to the construction of panels, and that all-important space in between them, the gutter.


The Flow of a Page, Part 1

Breaking up the Page: Pencils And Rulers At The Ready

Is something not jiving right with the flow of your panels?  Welcome!  Here is the first in a series of articles enumerating tips and pitfalls to avoid when constructing an effective page layout.  You’re standing at the ground level; your layout is the first and most essential consideration when it comes to creating your compositions, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.  Crafting well-made pages is the initial step toward effectively transmitting your story to the reader: many battles are won and lost right here.