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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 6 – MCDC’s Editor-In-Chief, Devin Larson

If you’re looking to form some positive habits, look no further — Devin Larson has what you need. Making Comics (dotCom)’s Editor-In-Chief discusses practice habits that artists of any level will want to adopt in their routine.


Defining Scope

Read the article, then grab the activity sheet!

60 Pieces In 60 Minutes
Read the article, then grab the activity sheet!

When beginning any project there is always this moment of “oh man, what do I do first?” For the longest time I would start in the worst way possible by diving head-first into projects and working only on the parts that excited me the most. I consistently ignored the big picture in order to focus on the details. I learned a couple of things from trying to work this way for nearly a decade:

  1. I never finished a project working in this manner.
  2. I still do this and always risk failing to complete projects as a result.
  3. It wasn’t until I worked on defining the scope of my project that I understood what I needed to “hyper-focus” on.


Exercises to Build Positive Habits

Walt Stanchfield, a hero of mine, once described the act of drawing well by comparing it to driving a car- many small considerations and corrections need to take place in order for the composition to go in the direction you want. To pursue art requires great discipline and strength. Discipline and strength require regular maintenance- like the engine of a car- and occasionally while “driving” it’s good to take some time to fuel up. The best way to do that is by developing positive habits that encourage yourself to grow as an artist. (more…)