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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 106 – Jessica Abel


Chaos. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’.

Well, now that we successfully planted that ear worm, today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode with Jessica Abel deals a lot with chaos and the things creative folk like us can do to not only minimize the chaos but (*GULP*) even get things accomplished, too. You know, like that comic you’ve been sitting on and tinkering away at here and there for the last seven years. Or one of the many short-lived attempts at something cool that you think you’ll eventually get back to… even though deep down you know you won’t. Okay, you get the picture. Point is, this podcast and Jessica’s latest book, Growing Gills, can help.

We also take a brief look back at how Jessica became the teacher and artist she is. And if you ask her, which Adam did, if she considers herself an artist or a teacher, she’ll straight up tell you…. Wait, did you really think we’d just tell you what she said? Well, it was worth a shot. Take a listen to the podcast and find out.

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The most common question that creative people get asked by “normal” people may well be, “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s a difficult question to answer, because it assumes there is an easy answer, some kind of tangible oasis that transforms visitors into brilliant artists. In my experience, ideas for comics (and other art forms) aren’t found in one place, but in EVERY place. And if one wants to be a creator, then one should constantly be seeking out new experiences in life and art alike, actively seeking inspiration instead of expecting it to arrive.


The Tools

Be they traditional or digital, your tools are an extension of yourself. They are the vehicle that communicates story, expresses feelings or ideas, and connects you to the humanity at the core of us all. I’m not going to tell you what tools are the better than others, or whether I think you should focus your efforts on digital over print. I’m not opinionated enough for that kind of talk. I am, however, very passionate about comics. I will therefore discuss my thoughts on tools, with the understanding that these are choices that were formed based on personal experience.