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Making Comic Gutter Talk Episode 105 – Lucy Bellwood #2

In hopes of kickstarting some energy into the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast, it was decided that a return to old guests will help. So this is the first episode in a new Gutter Talk venture, an alumni “Where Are They Now” series. In this first episode, Adam is re-joined by the amazing Lucy Bellwood, an artist, a writer, and even a sailor, based out of Portland, OR.

The last time Adam and Lucy spoke was way, way back in January of 2015, nearly two and a half years prior to this talk, and at the time, Lucy was just starting to toss around the idea of doing a Kickstarter project for a Baggywrinkles book. Well, since that time, not only did she start and fund that project, she’s just finishing up yet another Kickstarter project that was also funded, and this time in about 24 hours. Yes, that sound was your jaw hitting the floor. We’ll wait for you to pick it up….

Listen in as Adam and Lucy discuss her pride and joy and struggles and fears with not just her current endeavor, the 100 Demon Dialogues, but also with being an artist on an overall level. From self-care to the financial burdens and planning as a freelance and independent artist, all of it is in play.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 56 – Lucy Bellwood

All aboard as the Gutter Talk podcast sets sail on a near two hour tour, a comic creating adventure. Join your captain and host, Adam, and his guest co-pilot, Lucy Bellwood, as they discuss everything from weird hometowns to successful Kickstarter projects to tools on her table.

Oh, and Lucy is a sailor so there are some choice drunken sailor-like words. If that makes you seasick and go overboard, don’t worry, we’ll throw you a life preserver. Or maybe we’ll just draw one around you. That sounds fun. Either way, you’ll be fine. Really.