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We want you to add to our library of links & resources at Our mission is to organize the internet’s comic-making
resources so that everyone can learn and share knowledge freely. Specifically we are looking for resources that are directly and indirectly instrumental in the creation of a comic.

  • To learn more about the kinds of links & resources we are looking for on the website please refer to our Content Guide.
  • If you are looking to edit existing content, because it is miscategorized or the link does not work, please refer to our Edit Content page.

*We reserve the right to edit submissions and potentially deny them. Each submission is considered for publication on a case by case basis.

Note: Your content submissions are very important to us, but because we are working solely as a volunteer driven organization it may be a couple of days before your submissions appear on our website. If you would like to know more about how to help us expediate this process please refer the to Volunteer section of our site.



  • Our listing titles will always be aimed at concisely and clearly establishing the nature of the article and how it will help the end user in their educational process. We try to leave out bylines (e.g. “Jim Campbell Comic Book Sound Effects” would become “Comic Book Sound Effects”). This is not done with the intention of not giving credit to the writer/creator of the content we are pointing to – rather this is a way of connecting our target user (comic-making learners looking for quality educational content) quickly and more efficiently towards high quality content.There are exceptions to including a title within a listing. For instance, if the title cannot be effective without the byline, it will be used. For example “Moebius’ 18 Tips for Comic Artists” would include the name in the title because describing it as “18 Tips” would not adequately help the user understand the relevance of the article.
  • Please submit a URL that is complete and double checked from within your browser. All URLs should start with "http://".
  • Sometimes, in the process of looking through the web we have found websites that are a veritable treasure trove of resources. When we do find these, we usually add them to a list of websites that we need to "deep sort" for multiple pieces of content. If the link you are submitting is a site in need of "deep sorting", please indicate that here.
  • See the Content Guide for help making a decision about this. Make sure that the selection you make, along with the submission, is in line with the standards and definitions we have set for each category.
  • This is optional. We have seen that sometimes links could work in more than one place on the site. For instance the link for "How to become a colorist" could fit, depending on the content of the article, under both "Hiring & Employment" and "Coloring".
  • For more details on the rating system see our "Content Guide".
  • We want to make sure that all of our users are made aware of content that could potentially cost them money. We are not against others making money off of the content they are creating, but we do believe that when something costs the user - that information should be clear.
  • Please provide your email so we can contact you if we have further questions about your entry.


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