Mark Waid AMA on GatherEducation announcement

Hey everyone! We are super psyched to announce that we’ve secured Mark Waid for a revolutionary new AMA.

How is it revolutionary you ask?

Well, Mark will be talking to 100 people live through a virtual reality classroom space designed by GatherEducation. If you have a 3G connection or better you will be able to join this AMA from any mobile or desktop device. Mark will be able to answer your questions in this virtual space.

It’s going to be rad.

The time for the event will be April 27th, at 9pm EST. To RSVP go to the eventbrite link below. Space is limited and slots given on a first come first serve basis. If you miss the getting a slot make sure you put yourself on the wait list. If you can’t come at all, don’t worry. We will be releasing the AMA at a future date through the Gutter Talk Podcast.


UPDATE 4/15/16: The Mark Waid AMA is sold out (in under 24 hours, WOW!). We are working on enabling a waiting list so that you can get in if some folks don’t end up going. We will send you some info about that when it is enabled. In the meantime head on over to Twitter and join the discussion about what the AMA will cover and submit some ideas for questions for Mark – we are using “#markwaidama” for the ongoing discussion before, during, and after the AMA. See you there!

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How To Make A Comic Book Online Course Available Now

First Week Available Now, Full Course Available 2/15/2016

Available 2/15/2016:

Making Comics Worldwide  & the High Tech High Graduate School of Education is proud to announce our first fully online project based learning learning experience: How To Make A Comic Book. This six-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will walk learners through the process of making their very first comic book. Aimed at learners ages 13 and up, we constructed the course to serve as an example of our approach to constructing project based learning experiences at High Tech High and to reflect the methods professional comic artists go through when creating.

Quick note before enrolling: The course is free to “Audit”. To receive a course certificate, which unlocks the Coursera assessment sections of the course, users will have to pay $50 or they can apply for financial aid. Course certificates ARE NOT necessary for engagement in the course. If a student or teacher would like to submit assignments off of the Coursera platform they can do so by submitting assignments to the subreddit constructed for the course. All comic creators under the age of 18 are encouraged to check with their parents before joining the subreddit forum area.


This course is taught by Patrick Yurick – the leader of and a former art educator at High Tech High Chula Vista. Patrick now works with the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to design online learning experiences. The course features guest interviews with world-renowned comic book creators – Mark Waid (Daredevil, Superman, Thrillbent, etc.) and Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze & The Marvel Oz Series). The course also features a guest appearance by Laguna College of Art & Design illustration instructor Caleb Cleveland.

The How To Make A Comic Book MOOC is available designed to be completed at your own pace.

How To Make A Comic Book MOOC – Introduction to course from Patrick Yurick on Vimeo.

Read Patrick’s article “The Story Behind The How To Make A Comic Book MOOC” to find out more about the course.

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About Graphic Novel Project

Before there was, Making Comics Worldwide, or even before there was Underdogs – there was the after-school program “Graphic Novel Project” (GNP). In the winter of 2009 Patrick Yurick, founder of Making Comics Worldwide, started an after-school comic book project with 15 students at the High Tech High Chula Vista campus.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk LIVE – Comic Con Teaser!

**tap tap tap**

Is this thing on? Yeah? You can hear me? Ok, good.

Hi, everyone. Adam here. Yes, your host. I know it’s been a few weeks but if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been a little busy. Also, usually this post is written in 3rd person but this is a bit of a special post so I’m going to do that thing in 1st person, if you all don’t mind. Who knows? Maybe this will become a trend.

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are new to us, I say either glad to see you’re free or welcome to the site, whichever suits your situation. Either way, you probably know by now that we had a live Gutter Talk panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and from what I remember, it was pretty great. It’s weird once you get up there and get on a roll. You sort of black out and the next thing you know a Comic Con employee is holding up a STOP sign. Where the heck did that 50 minutes go?!

From what I do remember, though, it was a pretty great panel. Just to be sure my memories were right, tonight I went back and listened. I stand corrected; it was an amazing panel. Everyone on there had great answers to the questions and made the panel a lot of fun. It was extremely inspirational and so far the highlight of my year.

What I want to share with you here is just a quick thing I pieced together, partly to dust off the microphones because it’s been a little while, but really because before I release the full panel in a couple weeks I want to give you a brief idea of some of the fun you’ll get to hear soon.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 76 – Making Comics Staff

After months and months of threatening to redesign the site, we did it. We finally did it! And it was totally worth it. That’s why we at Making Comics Worldwide thought a dedicated Gutter Talk podcast to discuss the features and efforts and excitement of the staff would be a fantastic episode. We think this will be worth it to you, too.

In this Gutter Talk episode you will hear from Patrick Yurick, Mark Luetke, Kevin Cullen, Marisa Brenizer, Michael Yakutis, and your loving host, Adam Greenfield. Each of them will discuss the work and dedication it took to create the site, as well as some of their favorite parts. It even ends on a warm and fuzzy note. Who doesn’t like warm and fuzzy endings? Actually, don’t answer that. Just download the podcast and you’ll feel what we mean.

While you’re listening to the podcast, we promise not to be upset if you step away from the site and head over to our iTunes page to give us a rating and review. Of course, that is if you give us a positive rating and review. If you don’t, we’ll track you down and draw a sad comic on your forehead using a Sharpie. Don’t tempt us. Just do yourself and favor and show us some love on iTunes. We promise it’ll be painless and you may even feel good about yourself, yet another warm and fuzzy feeling this podcast provides to you, the listener.

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Introducing Making Comics 3.0

Making Comics Worldwide is proud to announce the launch of Making Comics 3.0! Our new, updated website allows users and creators to more fluidly navigate our expansive resources. In addition, we’ve begun collecting articles and tutorials from websites all across the internet, cataloging them, and providing users with direct links to websites in an effort to expand the making comics community. We’ve also opened up volunteer opportunities to the community to help make our site the most effective it can be.

Upgrades include:

  • Integration of a comprehensive crowdsourcing library aimed at cataloging all comic-making educational resources on the web.
  • Underdog Community merge including articles, forums, and more.
  • All features designated home pages (Talking Comics, Gutter Talk Pod, Underdogs, etc.)
  • Comprehensive outline of our plans as a nonprofit.
  • Workflow for multiple levels of volunteer input.

With the relaunch of the website, Making Comics Worldwide has officially merged with their sister site, The Underdog Community (a.k.a. Webcomic Underdogs). This merger grants access to an assortment of resources –  lively web forums, active Facebook groups, and twitter conversations – that were previously just outside the reach of the small staff at Making Comics Worldwide. With these additions, the Making Comics Worldwide community grows by the thousands (literally), making our website the largest source of free, creator-based content in the world.

We need your help

One of our bold new goals on the new is creating a crowdsourced library of ALL of the existing, and emerging, comic resources on the web. We are definitely going to need help doing this. During this initial site launch it would be amazing if we could have some of the Underdogs go through the process of submitting links to our library.

If you want to know what kind of sites and resources we are looking to catalogue and how we are cataloguing them, check out our handy content guide.

Volunteer To Help Us Change The World

If you are super interested in EVERYTHING above and want to know how you can be more involved with the project, check out our volunteer section at:

Support Our Formation Of The Making Comics Worldwide Nonprofit

One of our big goals for the coming year is going to be establishing Making Comics Worldwide as a 501(3)(c) charitable education nonprofit. If you are interested in understanding more about our goals as a nonprofit visit our nonprofit website


While there, please consider filling out our donations survey so we can contact you when we are starting our fundraising processes.

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Wondercon 2015 (Ad Spot)

The Making Comics Worldwide crew returns to Anaheim for Wondercon 2015! That’s right. We’re back! And this time around we have an even more fantastic panel of guests to discuss storytelling in comics. The panelists include Jason Brubaker, Rachel Beck, Ted Washington, and others.

See you there, right? Right.

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Making Comics at SDCC 2014

Comic-Con 2014 was a blast! (If you were unable to attend, my sympathies. That’s why we do these wrap-up posts.) Make sure to check out the audio link below.

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Announcing The “Uniting The Worldwide #Makecomics Community” Panel At San Diego Comic Con International 2014

We are more than please to announce that we will be hosting an exciting new panel at San Diego Comic Con International 2014!

Details: Uniting the Worldwide Makecomics Community Join host +Patrick Yurick  (CEO of +Making Comics ) in this celebratory panel designed to connect the comic makers of the world.  The discussion will center around the status of the world-wide comic-making revolution happening on and off-line. Guest panelists include Mark Waid (Thrillbent, Daredevil),  Rachel Beck (Storyforge Productions), Jim Zub  (Skullkickers, Wayward), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), Christina Blanch (SuperMOOC2, Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), and Palle Schmidt (Comics For Beginners, Thomas Aslop)

Got questions or specific topics you want discussed? Tweet them to @Making_comics or leave a comment on this post!


Wondercon 2014 Wrap-Up

Hey, MC Peeps! (I’ve inducted you all into a gang.)

This most recent weekend past, April 18-20th, was Wondercon in sunny (read: hot) Anaheim, CA. The local portion of the Making Comics crew (Patrick Yurick, Kevin Cullen, Adam Greenfield, and Devin Larson — me) were there to hang out with Storyforge Productions (Rachel Beck, Shelley Couvillion, and a bunch of cool people to whom I failed to make a proper introduction) and Jason Brubaker, all while promoting comic awareness.

And we were all on a panel. That too.

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