Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 81 – Chris Hunt

We here at the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast are not promoting anarchy. Still, as you’ll hear in today’s podcast with Chris Hunt, maybe those in charge don’t know what they’re doing. This doesn’t mean start a riot but as Chris found out and explained, sometimes the adults get it wrong, like when he was told he’ll never be able to read at an early age, for example. He questioned that assessment and clearly overcame that obstacle, not letting others determine his path and accomplishments in life. In the world of art and comics, this fortitude and resolve will come in handy. In fact, it already has.

In this episode, Adam talks to Chris about overcoming hurdles like a champ, as well as what it’s like to be old school in a new school world. The term Luddite even comes up a few times. Still, one of the more inspiring things you’ll hear in today’s episode is Chris’s drive to pursue a career and life he wants and seemingly will get. After you listen to this episode, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hardpressed to disagree.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 80 – John Mueller

Like a story to tell, everyone has a journey to take in life. For some, that journey is quick. For others, it’s a lifelong voyage. And then there are those whose journey is right on time. Never, though, is it what we expect. In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist, game developer, and journeyman, John Mueller. John is the creator of the dystopian series, OINK, and as of this episode’s release will have six more days to hit stretch goals in the Kickstarter project. That’s right, stretch goals. John’s Kickstarter project has hit its initial goal and now comes all the fun stuff.

Listen in as John and Adam talk about the journey not only his OINK project has been on but the overall journey John has been on as an artist. His path through the gaming world provides a unique insight into storytelling and world building when it comes to the gaming world versus graphic novels. Plus, there’s a drive inside John that is very inspiring, as he is the type of individual that goes out and gets what he wants in life, and does so seemingly in a very laid-back manner. There’s a lot to learn from in this episode.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 79 – Comic Con Panel

There is nothing easy about making comics, whether it’s the art or the storytelling. Just flipping through the first few pages of your favorite story can be enough to intimidate even the hardiest of the artists out there. It really does take a fair amount of chutzpah to want to make comics. But fear not, for there are things out there that may not make it easy for you but can, if nothing else, make it easier. And that’s why we at Making Comics were excited to have assembled this group of people ranging from artists to editors, if not both, for the live Gutter Talk panel at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, because we just had a feeling that they would be the ones to provide both inspiration and very useful knowledge.

Moderated by the Gutter Talk podcast host Adam Greenfield, the panel consisted of Mark Waid, writer of Daredevil and most recently the Archie comics, Christy Blanch, an educator and also writer for The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Chris Miskiewicz, the writer for Thomas Alsop, Rachel Dukes, creator of Frankie Comics, and Calista Brill, a senior editor with First Second Books. See what we mean? This panel was destined to be amazing and it certainly lived up to the billing. Download or stream the show and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk LIVE – Comic Con Teaser!

**tap tap tap**

Is this thing on? Yeah? You can hear me? Ok, good.

Hi, everyone. Adam here. Yes, your host. I know it’s been a few weeks but if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been a little busy. Also, usually this post is written in 3rd person but this is a bit of a special post so I’m going to do that thing in 1st person, if you all don’t mind. Who knows? Maybe this will become a trend.

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are new to us, I say either glad to see you’re free or welcome to the site, whichever suits your situation. Either way, you probably know by now that we had a live Gutter Talk panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and from what I remember, it was pretty great. It’s weird once you get up there and get on a roll. You sort of black out and the next thing you know a Comic Con employee is holding up a STOP sign. Where the heck did that 50 minutes go?!

From what I do remember, though, it was a pretty great panel. Just to be sure my memories were right, tonight I went back and listened. I stand corrected; it was an amazing panel. Everyone on there had great answers to the questions and made the panel a lot of fun. It was extremely inspirational and so far the highlight of my year.

What I want to share with you here is just a quick thing I pieced together, partly to dust off the microphones because it’s been a little while, but really because before I release the full panel in a couple weeks I want to give you a brief idea of some of the fun you’ll get to hear soon.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 78 – Rachel Dukes

In 1988, a wildly talented musician named Bobby McFerrin released a song titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” For those of us who remember this song, it was certainly catchy enough to often catch yourself whistling while walking to the bus stop. And yet who knew in the end just how useful those words would be if only we had really taken them to heart? Of course, easier said than done, but it sure would’ve been nice to not worry. That said, we’re artists. Who are we kidding?

And that’s what makes this Gutter Talk episode with Rachel Dukes, artist and creator of Frankie Comics, so great. It’s further confirmation that worrying as a young, budding artist just trying to get their bearing in this ocean of art, let alone in the lake of comics, is actually normal. It’s even proof that yes, you can outgrow the worst of it. Now if only we had time machines….

Download the podcast and listen in as Adam and Rachel discuss why see-through rulers are better than rulers you can’t see through, her Kickstarter project for Frankie Comics, and some of the hurtles she encountered as a kid when opportunities presented themselves.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 77 – Marcus Kwame Anderson

Every week on the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast we do our best to make sure we bring you guests with wide ranges of experience and knowledge. Some guests in the past only recently made their foray into comic creation and some are, well, Mark Waid and Stephen Bissette. However, one topic that doesn’t come up as Adam would like sometimes is the amount of power an artist has in not just their skills but their talent. This week’s Gutter Talk guest, though, Marcus Kwame Anderson, is well aware of just how much power he has with his art. As a seemingly jack of all creative trades, Marcus uses his art and comics to not just please himself and consumers but to also make a statement. As you’ll hear, he has found out just how much positive change he can make. He hasn’t stopped trying since.

In this episode you’ll also hear some big news in the intro regarding the future of Gutter Talk. Ok, that sounds a little more ominous than intended but really, it’s all good. Just download, listen, and everything will be just fine.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 76 – Making Comics Staff

After months and months of threatening to redesign the site, we did it. We finally did it! And it was totally worth it. That’s why we at Making Comics Worldwide thought a dedicated Gutter Talk podcast to discuss the features and efforts and excitement of the staff would be a fantastic episode. We think this will be worth it to you, too.

In this Gutter Talk episode you will hear from Patrick Yurick, Mark Luetke, Kevin Cullen, Marisa Brenizer, Michael Yakutis, and your loving host, Adam Greenfield. Each of them will discuss the work and dedication it took to create the site, as well as some of their favorite parts. It even ends on a warm and fuzzy note. Who doesn’t like warm and fuzzy endings? Actually, don’t answer that. Just download the podcast and you’ll feel what we mean.

While you’re listening to the podcast, we promise not to be upset if you step away from the site and head over to our iTunes page to give us a rating and review. Of course, that is if you give us a positive rating and review. If you don’t, we’ll track you down and draw a sad comic on your forehead using a Sharpie. Don’t tempt us. Just do yourself and favor and show us some love on iTunes. We promise it’ll be painless and you may even feel good about yourself, yet another warm and fuzzy feeling this podcast provides to you, the listener.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 75 – Brian Shearer

Would you uproot your entire family and history to move for a job, even if that job was in comics? This isn’t an easy question to answer if those roots are deep underground and have been for a while. In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam asks his guest, artist and writer, Brian Shearer, this question. You’ll just have to listen to the episode to get the answer but we promise it will be worth it. It usually is. But that’s not all Adam and Brian talk about. We also discuss what it’s like to draw professionally some of the comics you grew up with, the importance of starting and finishing projects, and also why sometimes statistics can be- well, again, no spoilers so you’ll just have to download the episode and listen.

While you’re listening to the podcast, make sure you’re checking out all the amazing things the new redesign of our site has to offer. Everything is comfortably laid out for you to navigate through in search of the article or podcast you need. Also be sure to join the Underdog community. We can’t say enough what an awesome group of artists they are to be around.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 74 – Re-Issue #17 (Doug TenNapel & Ethan Nicolle)

We’re coming down to the last couple re-issue episodes from when Jason Brubaker was hosting the podcasts back in the day. The guests on this show are also no strangers to his show, as they were both on once before. And that was a fantastic conversation so it only makes sense this one is just as great.

In this Making Comics Gutter Talk re-issue episode Jason and his special co-host are joined by artists and creators Doug TenNapel and Ethan Nicolle for the first part of a two part conversation. There are some very heartwarming moments and also some fantastic information to keep in mind when considering doing a Kickstarter project in this episode, especially when Jason’s talking about his experience with reMIND. Plus, Ethan talks a little about the cast of Axe Cop, the television adaptation of the comic he co-created with his younger brother, Malachai.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to really explore the redesign of the site. If you have, please be sure to let us know what you like, don’t like, or if there’s something you’d like to see. We really are hoping to have not just an educational aspect to the site but a community aspect, as well. We’ve already taken on our first content curator since the redesign went live so if you want to volunteer, please be sure to let us know.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 73 – Alec Longstreth

Sometimes life seems to point you in the direction it wants you to go. And sometimes it drops you in the middle of nowhere with a good luck pat on the back. Both times should be celebrated as chances to see what happens in the biggest game of Chance ever: life. In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist and educator, Alec Longstreth, to discuss the path that got him to where he is. From living in cities all across the United States to working on the set of Star Wars in Australia, Alec has a thing or two to say about a thing or two, and can even back it up with some amazing art.

One of the things we hear frequently is how artists adapt, as well as the various ways artists use the materials around them to create tricks and tools of the trade. In Alec’s case, it’s a MacGyvered tool rack that he has attached to the side of his drawing table. Alec was kind enough to send us a photo so we’ve attached that to this post. If you’re reading this on a mobile device and can’t see the photo, please be sure to check out the post on the site.

While you’re listening to this fantastic conversation, please also take a few minutes to head on over to iTunes and give us both a rating and a review. Just search for Gutter Talk and you can’t miss us. Not only would we at Making Comics Worldwide personally appreciate it but future comic creators will appreciate it as well when they find our podcast ranked high enough to garner their attention.

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