Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 89 – James Mulholland

Over the last two years, the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast has been fortunate enough to speak to amazing artists from international locations such as Canada, Australia, and Denmark. In today’s episode, we place a checkmark next to Ireland as Adam sits down with Irish writer and filmmaker James Mulholland. It was borderline middle of the night for James at the time of the conversation but a great conversation was had.

The episode begins with some political soapboxing but we promise, it soon dives into comics and the arts, and also the love James has for the city of Orlando, Florida. Another topic that comes up is the late start James got when getting into comics. It’s just more proof that there is no single path an individual must take to become a comic artist.

One of these days the Making Comics Worldwide crew will travel abroad to spread the good word in person. There’s a reason the word “worldwide” is in our name. But until then, our next best option is to speak to folks outside of the United States through the Gutter Talk podcast. Sure, email works, too, but that’s just not nearly as much fun as speaking to someone online in person-ish. It really is the next best thing. You can take our word for it but we highly advise you listen to this episode with James Mulholland, and other podcasts, for yourself.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 88 – Ian McGinty

As we end Year Two for both Making Comics Worldwide and the Gutter Talk podcast, we’re pretty darn excited and grateful for how far we’ve come and where we’re heading. We have a lot of big plans for the future but before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s deal with where we currently are.

In today’s Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist and creator, Ian McGinty, to discuss everything from creating music in his teens to creating comics in his twenties and beyond, and also how the two can sometimes require the same process. It’s also pretty cool and inspiring to see and hear how far Ian has come since his high school days when he began to take comics seriously. While he explains how this came at the expense of something else, the moral is that sometimes the sacrifice is worth the reward. Ian’s recent bouts of success are proof of that.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 87 – Joe Badon

It’s not very often you meet someone that makes it difficult to distinguish if you’re talking to yourself or another person all together. However, in this Making Comics Gutter Talk episode with artist and creator Joe Badon, it seems that’s exactly what happened; Adam has met his soul-twin and he’s a damn fine artist. And not only is he an artist in the drawing sense, but Joe is also an artist in the musical sense. Today’s episode opens with a song called “Monster Zero” from Joe’s band The Band That Wouldn’t Die. It’s a bit experimental but we dig it just the same. It’s perfect to draw or write to, if not both.

This episode is yet another strong example of why being around like-minded peers in a community is an important part of not just becoming an artist but being one, as well. There’s always a certain comfort level during the growing process in knowing not only are you not alone but you’re more alike with others than you may have originally thought. Your ideas, concerns, goals, and sometimes even the same dreams. When you meet someone with these things, you know you’re in for a fantastic conversation.

Download this episode and listen in as Adam is joined by Joe to discuss all things comics. And politics. And other random tangents that seem to happen in Gutter Talk podcasts on a regular basis. By this time, though, you should just be used to it, right?

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 86 – Stephen Bissette

It seems the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast has its first ritual and we couldn’t ask for a better one. You see, last year for Halloween we opened the show with a Vincent Price reading of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale, which was followed by a fantastic talk with one of the masters in the horror movie and comic genre, Stephen R. Bissette. We had so much fun putting that podcast out that we decided it was imperative this become a regular thing. So we made that happen. You’re welcome.

Last year we opened with Vincent Price masterfully reading Poe’s “The Raven.” This year we have Vincent Price reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” While there may be some who can read a Poe story out loud, not many can give it the respect and justice it deserves like Vincent Price.

Following that Adam is joined again by Stephen Bissette to discuss what he’s been up to the last year, and as it turns out, he’s quite the busy guy. In the conversation they discuss what is needed to create a top-notch horror story, whether it’s in the comic form or otherwise. Stephen brought up what it was like to work with the amazing Alan Moore and how he crafted scripts for artists to work with. Needless to say, mind = blown.

So put your scary mask on and download this episode with Stephen Bissette. When you’re done listening, the amount of tricks and treats in your arsenal will be all the candy you’ll need. You know, until next Halloween when we get to do this again.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 85 – Vincent Kings

Oh, to be young again! Or just young, period. However, don’t let the not-quite-ripe age of 21 fool you when it comes to Vincent Kings, an up and coming artist in the Los Angeles area. He may have the energy of a young buck but he speaks with the depth and wisdom of a wise, old man that has been in the game for ages.

In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Vincent travels down to San Diego and over to Adam’s studio (and let’s be honest here, it’s really just his living room) to talk about what it takes to maintain pace and structure as an artist. You’ll also get to hear Vincent discuss some rules and guidelines he does his best to follow in order to aid in not just his successes now but the successes of his future.

Don’t get Vincent wrong, though. He fully understands he has a long way to go before he feels comfortable being the artist he seeks to be, even if that doesn’t happen until his last dying breath. Still, when you hear him speak about his process in both thought and action when it comes to art, you, too, will also question the accuracy of his stated age. Most of all, though, you will find yourself inspired enough to adopt his rules and practice them yourself.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 84 – Re-issue #18 (Doug TenNapel & Ethan Nicolle)

Nearly five months ago, we released what we thought was the last of the Making Comics Gutter Talk re-issue podcasts. For those not familiar with the backstory, at one time, this great site was run by Jason Brubaker, creator of Sithrah and reMIND. However, as Jason’s work and home life began to increase with success and responsibilities, both the site and podcasts became a responsibility he didn’t feel comfortable not putting his all into. He subsequently handed the reigns to Patrick Yurick near the end of 2013 and, well, the journey has been interesting since then, to say the least.

A new podcast and podcast host joined the ranks. Still, people clamored for Jason’s old podcasts, and rightly so. The guests and conversations were a great mix of depth and joy, and every episode was a learning tool. After contacting Jason, he agreed to let us re-release the old podcasts until they ran out. Earlier this year, towards the end of May, we thought we had reached that point. However, what was previously released was only Part 1. If you have not heard Part 1 yet, click here. Jason let us know he still had the second half but it needed some edits. Towards the end of this past summer, Jason was able to find the time in his busy schedule to complete those edits. He even included a personal message at the end of the episode so make sure you listen all the way through.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 83 – Dean Haspiel

It’s not often we at the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast get an Emmy Award winning artist on the show. Of course that’s not why we were solely excited to have Dean Haspiel on but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t add to that excitement. In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam picks Dean’s brain to discuss all things art and comics. Well, maybe not all things. There were a few tangents but it was all art related. Sort of.

Early on Adam and Dean discuss the art experience, what it’s like to encounter art in a way you neither expected nor experienced in the past. Sometimes it’s the challenge that makes art an emotional experience and those emotions can range from joy to confusion to sometimes anger. These feelings, however, only confirm the effectiveness of the art the viewer is visually taking in.

Another important topic of discussion was what makes a story unique and universal at the same time. In Dean’s soon-to-be released graphic novel, Beef With Tomato, he exuded the heart and essence of New York City. If you’ve been to New York City, you’ll surely find something familiar in the book. If you haven’t, the book will make you realize even the ugly side of the city can be beautiful. Because Dean is New York City through and through, he’s able to connect the reader to the city with ease, thereby creating that unique and universal tone.

We know this is a longer than usual episode but we’re confident the next almost two hours with Dean Haspiel will be well spent.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 82 – Jeffrey Burandt

Some of you may be old or wise enough to remember a heavy metal band called Twisted Sister. Back when MTV used to play music, they had a video out for one their popular songs, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and in this video, the opening montage starts with an angry father berating his young teen for playing rock and roll on his guitar. At the end of his tirade, he angrily asks, “What do you want to do with your life?” The kid looks at him with a grin and that patent heavy metal glare and says, “I wanna rock.”

The reason for the trip down memory lane is because at the end of this Gutter Talk interview with artist and musician Jeffrey Burandt, we could picture little Jeffrey Burandt saying that classic line but following it up with, “And make comics, too.”

Join Adam and Jef as they turn it up to 11 and discuss not just the depths of art but the depth of life, too. As the previous 81 episodes will attest, we all encounter hurdles and mountains in our quest to fill our lives with creative endeavors, big or small. While there are better ways of coping than others, to say there is only one way to cope would be a very tough thing to sell. There are so many things we can learn from others and we hope you take from these podcasts not just the knowledge of comic creation but also some mechanisms your peers have put in place to help them as they navigate through this wacky thing called life as an artist.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 81 – Chris Hunt

We here at the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast are not promoting anarchy. Still, as you’ll hear in today’s podcast with Chris Hunt, maybe those in charge don’t know what they’re doing. This doesn’t mean start a riot but as Chris found out and explained, sometimes the adults get it wrong, like when he was told he’ll never be able to read at an early age, for example. He questioned that assessment and clearly overcame that obstacle, not letting others determine his path and accomplishments in life. In the world of art and comics, this fortitude and resolve will come in handy. In fact, it already has.

In this episode, Adam talks to Chris about overcoming hurdles like a champ, as well as what it’s like to be old school in a new school world. The term Luddite even comes up a few times. Still, one of the more inspiring things you’ll hear in today’s episode is Chris’s drive to pursue a career and life he wants and seemingly will get. After you listen to this episode, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hardpressed to disagree.

And just like jury duty, make it a civic responsibility to go to our iTunes page and give the Gutter Talk podcast a rating and review. We have no authority to fine you or place you in a holding cell for a few days because you didn’t rate or review the podcast. Still, we wouldn’t suggest it.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 80 – John Mueller

Like a story to tell, everyone has a journey to take in life. For some, that journey is quick. For others, it’s a lifelong voyage. And then there are those whose journey is right on time. Never, though, is it what we expect. In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist, game developer, and journeyman, John Mueller. John is the creator of the dystopian series, OINK, and as of this episode’s release will have six more days to hit stretch goals in the Kickstarter project. That’s right, stretch goals. John’s Kickstarter project has hit its initial goal and now comes all the fun stuff.

Listen in as John and Adam talk about the journey not only his OINK project has been on but the overall journey John has been on as an artist. His path through the gaming world provides a unique insight into storytelling and world building when it comes to the gaming world versus graphic novels. Plus, there’s a drive inside John that is very inspiring, as he is the type of individual that goes out and gets what he wants in life, and does so seemingly in a very laid-back manner. There’s a lot to learn from in this episode.

Please be sure to head over to iTunes and give the Gutter Talk podcast some love, both with stars and with words. We really do appreciate it and it goes a long way in getting not just the Gutter Talk podcast a piece of the spotlight but also Making Comics as a whole.

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