Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 23 – Dan Greenfield (13th Dimension)

After a month of MOOC Madness, we return you to your regularly scheduled program of awesome podcast interviews. We’re kicking off June with Dan Greenfield, editor-in-chief of 13th Dimension, to discuss the site’s genesis, purpose, and the cool things they’re up to. Topics range from creating a space for creators to share the things they’re reading to randomly knocking on Steve Ditko’s front door. True story.

For those of you within 150 miles of White Plains, NY on Saturday, June 14th, make sure you check out the New York Comic Fest. Click here for more information.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 22 – Re-issue #3 (Nate Simpson, Part 2)

Quite an amazing month of May for the Gutter Talk podcasts, huh? Well, what do you say we put a fancy bow on it and take a trip back to when Jason Brubaker was running the roost?

If you don’t know (and quasi-shame on you if you don’t), we have been re-releasing the podcasts Jason recorded back in the day. The last Friday of every month we step in Calvin’s time machine and revisit these talks. I know, I know. He and Hobbes ended up in the Mesozoic Era so how can you trust it? Remember, if that happens here, don’t move. The t-rex reacts to motion (thanks, Jurassic Park!).

I’m sorry, where were we? Oh, right. The podcast. So this re-release is Part 2, the continuation of a fantastic conversation between Jason Brubaker, his co-host Daniel Lieske, and their guest, Nate Simpson.

Oh, by the way, if you missed Part 1, click here to listen.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 21 – Get A Grasp! MOOC Panel

Everyone knows what it’s like to have to present something in school, having to stand up in front of a group of peers and present something or give a speech. Everyone also knows the sweaty palms, the white knuckles, the quasi out of body experience while speaking. If you can even get the words out, that is.

Well, don’t look now but if you’re an artist with a project, your speech giving days aren’t over. And in fact, this one’s for your livelihood: You have to pitch your project, your baby, to an individual who receives pitches from others and their babies all day, every day. Feel free to have a seat, if you need to. We understand.

But fear not, dear artist. Our esteemed CEO and panel host Patrick Yurick, along with some of the great minds in the industry today, are here to help. Even if it involves stalking. While we here at Making Comics don’t condone it, there just may be a benefit in there somewhere. Take a listen to this week’s Get a Grasp! MOOC panel podcast and find out how.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 20 – Week 3 Get A Grasp! MOOC Panel

One million points to you if you’ve heard this one before: “If ya got time to lean, ya got time to clean.” No? Well, if you’ve ever worked in the food industry, it’s a popular one. Good thing we don’t hear it much making comics. Still, the heart of that message may not be as icy as it sounds. How are we, as artists, scheduling our time? What are we doing to make sure we remain productive artists without burying ourselves by taking on too much work? And should we even say no to opportunities? These were just a few of the questions answered and broken down by the incredible group of artistic minds we had for Week 3 of the Get A Grasp! MOOC panel.

Now, go download this episode, click the Play button on this podcast, and get back to work, slacker!

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 19 – Week 2 Get A Grasp! MOOC Panel

The Get A Grasp! MOOC train rolls on with this amazing Week 2 panel. The topic was Worldbuilding and there was no shortage of wood to stoke the fire as the train sped on down the tracks. Join Patrick Yurick, your very own train conductor for the week (sans the funny hat), and the powerhouse list of passengers for a ride you won’t soon forget.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 18 – Week 1 Get A Grasp! MOOC Panel

We recently wrapped up a four week long Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Get A Grasp!” that covered everything from ideation to pitching your idea to networking. Each week we also had a live online panel with amazing artists and professionals in the industry. What you’re about to listen to is the Week 1 panel, which came out with all cylinders firing. The topics, the guests, the conversation, all of it was well worth the price of admission. Which, oh by the way, was free. Just like this podcast. All in the name of art and comic creation. Alright, bring it in. Group hug!

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 17 – Re-issue #2 (Nate Simpson, Part 1)

It’s the last Friday of the month so we hit the way-back machine and go way back- what? This interview is only a couple years old? Oh. Uh, well, can I say we hit the shortly-back machine? Yeah? Great. Let’s try this again.

It’s the last Friday of the month so we hit the shortly-back machine- hmm, still doesn’t sound right. You know what? Just cue the wavy flashback lines. This is part 1 of the Nate Simpson interview with Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske. Maestro!

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 16 – Ted Adams

Nobody puts Ted in a corner. Many have tried, though after listening to this podcast, I have a feeling you’ll struggle to do so yourself. Tag along with Adam and Patrick as they visit CEO Ted Adams and the IDW Publishing offices to discuss a little IDW history, the past and present of the publishing industry, and the Dewey Decimal System. If you’re looking for the comics section, it’s 741.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 15 – Jim Zub

The next time you think to yourself, “I am just way too busy,” please consider this podcast you’re about to listen to. How writer, artist, teacher, and literal jack of all trades Jim Zub even found the time to sit down for an hour with us is as mysterious as what the writers were thinking with the last season of LOST. At times it is a bit harrowing listening to Jim describe his day. Then you look at his amazing work, the result of stacking those seemingly endless days of creative output, and end up scooting your chair back in, grabbing a pencil, and sketching out your next idea or writing that last page or chapter.  Join Adam and Mark as they steal an hour from Jim Zub’s time to talk about… well, Jim Zub’s time.

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 14 – Jules Rivera

Have you ever had the sense when talking to some people that whatever endeavor they are on, it is simply going to work out for them? That’s the feeling you get when talking to Jules Rivera, creator of the successful ventures of Misfortune High and Valkyrie Squadron. Adam, Patrick, and Jules cannonball into the ocean of webcomics and crowdfunding, sharks be damned, and discuss what it’s like to swim with both the whales and the bottom feeders.

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