Sorters will be assigned to a growing repository (see list below) of sites with a great deal of diverse educational content that needs sorting before content can be posted to the resource list. Once the application (below) has been filled out you will be added to an email list designated for sorters only. A staff member from will contact you as soon as possible with an assignment.

List Of Links That Need Deep Sorting

There are sites that we have come across that are more than helpful, they are overwhelming with help. We need dedicated volunteers to go through these sites to make sure that they are all linked appropriately under the main homepage listings on

Once you have been assigned a page we will work with you on a google spreadsheet where all of the site’s helpful links are categorized and sorted so that the links can go live on our site. Also, we will list your name next to the link below to show that you have been assigned to that section of the web.

Do you have a giant site of resources that needs deep sorting that is not on this list? Email us! We will add it ASAP.

List of current sites that need sorting: ( )
Manga Studio Video Tutorial (s) ( Youtube Playlist)
How to Draw Comics ( )
James Gurney Educational Videos ( )
Comic Storytelling/Writing Article Series In The Spanish Language (
Paolo Rivera Video Demonstrations ( Youtube Playlist )
Big List Of Comic Conventions ( )
Hundreds Of Sparrows Tools ( )
The Webcomic Dojo: A Compendium Of Webcomic Creation Tutorials ( )
Geek Dad ( )
Eddie Campbell ( )
Stuart McMillen ( )
Spike Drew This ( )
Muddy Colors ( ) – A Compendium Of Art Tutorials ( ) ( )
Udon Entertainment Educational Series ( ) Educational Series ( )
Comics Alliance Educational Series ( )
Damian Sampler’s Videos ( Youtube Playlist )
A Forum Thread Leading To Lots Of Great Resources (

List Of Sites That Have Been Sorted & Catalogued On

All Of Jim Zub’s Tutorials ( )
Layout Workbook – A Breakdown Of Layout Design Using Ratios & Spacial Design
Comics Survival Kit ( )
Webcomic Alliance: A Worksource For Digital Tools ( )
Comic Book Graphic Design: A Compendium Of Helpful Art Tutorials (
Doodle Alley: A Webcomic About Sustainable Creativity (
Work Made For Hire: Creative Business Advice For Creative People (
Lots of Anatomy References ( – Online Drawing Courses & Tutorials (

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