Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 80 – John Mueller

Like a story to tell, everyone has a journey to take in life. For some, that journey is quick. For others, it’s a lifelong voyage. And then there are those whose journey is right on time. Never, though, is it what we expect. In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist, game developer, and journeyman, John Mueller. John is the creator of the dystopian series, OINK, and as of this episode’s release will have six more days to hit stretch goals in the Kickstarter project. That’s right, stretch goals. John’s Kickstarter project has hit its initial goal and now comes all the fun stuff.

Listen in as John and Adam talk about the journey not only his OINK project has been on but the overall journey John has been on as an artist. His path through the gaming world provides a unique insight into storytelling and world building when it comes to the gaming world versus graphic novels. Plus, there’s a drive inside John that is very inspiring, as he is the type of individual that goes out and gets what he wants in life, and does so seemingly in a very laid-back manner. There’s a lot to learn from in this episode.

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OINK Kickstarter project

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