Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 78 – Rachel Dukes

In 1988, a wildly talented musician named Bobby McFerrin released a song titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” For those of us who remember this song, it was certainly catchy enough to often catch yourself whistling while walking to the bus stop. And yet who knew in the end just how useful those words would be if only we had really taken them to heart? Of course, easier said than done, but it sure would’ve been nice to not worry. That said, we’re artists. Who are we kidding?

And that’s what makes this Gutter Talk episode with Rachel Dukes, artist and creator of Frankie Comics, so great. It’s further confirmation that worrying as a young, budding artist just trying to get their bearingĀ in this ocean of art, let alone in the lake of comics, is actually normal. It’s even proof that yes, you can outgrow the worst of it. Now if only we had time machines….

Download the podcast and listen in as Adam and Rachel discuss why see-through rulers are better than rulers you can’t see through, her Kickstarter project for Frankie Comics, and some of the hurtles she encountered as a kid when opportunities presented themselves.

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Rachel’s Links:

Rachel’s site (@MixtapeComics)

Frankie Comics

Kickstarter for Frankie Comics

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