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LINK: Sergey Kritskiy’s Perspective Tools For Photoshop (Download & Install For Free)

4_FWEBPlotting out perspective for comic book page/panel composition is paramount to building great art. One of the hardest elements of composing perspective for a panel is getting all of the measurements just right so that all of the angles for your environmental elements within your panel come out right. Sergey Kritskiy’s perspective tool allows you to create amazingly accurate grids for your comic within seconds.


There are other tools available to assist you with this perspective grid layout, such as the “adobe illustrator perspective tool”. Currently nothing exists for photoshop that allows you to create a grid with ease. This perspective tool can save you a lot of frustrating time and energy once it is mastered so that you can setup your own comic book panels/compositions with ease.

Video Walkthrough Of Using The Tool:



It should be noted that this tool does take some advanced knowledge of photoshop in order to be mastered, including the usage of the pen tool, paths, plugin installation, and some backwards design. If you are using a printer to layout bluelines for your comic book page art before you start composing, this is a “must-have” tool in your grab bag.

It is suggested that you base your perspective grid off of a pre-existing reference image (much like the ones Sergey is using in the demo video above). If you are using this tool to blueline a layout for a panel or page, it is suggested that you use the duotone method for creating bluelines within your photoshop document.

Be aware that to use the plugins ability to intuit the vanishing point for two paths, both paths must be selected at once. This can be done by opening the Path window (Windows>Paths) and pasting a second, new path into the first path. It is not immediately apparent how this is done from Sergey’s original video above.

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    • Kevin Cullen

      Sorry, it looks like Sergey took down the plugins for now. He mentioned on his website that he’ll try to have updated versions of the download available by the springtime, so stay tuned!


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