Daily Mini-Challenge

Are you ready to improve your comic making skills on a daily basis? Do you want to continually work to connect to a group of peers that are working (like you) to create comics? The “Daily Mini-Challenge” now live and ready for you to join in! Join at any time and engage at your leisure. Every morning you will receive a new challenge designed to take 20 minutes or less of your day. Prepare to be creatively charged as you fill your your brain with comic making info!

Sign-up now and you will start receiving challenges the following day (starts Sunday April 27th).

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2 Responses to “Daily Mini-Challenge”

  1. Ryan Tavarez

    When does this normally get sent out? I sent a request, and I have confirmed my email address… but have not received the daily challenge.

    sadface :C

    – Ryan

    • Patrick

      Usually gets released around 6am PST. I forwarded you the most recent one, let me know if you are still having issues. -Patrick


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