Tonight! Making Comics MOOC Gutter Talk Series: Worldbuilding

Join CEO Patrick Yurick, EIC Devin Larson, and Gutter Talk Host Adam Greenfield as we cover the second week of content available through the “Get A Grasp!” course.

Guest panelists for this week include:


Each week brings you an exciting new installment of our famous Gutter Talk podcasts in conjunction with content being released on our MOOC “Get A Grasp!”. To interact with guests visit and enroll in this massive open online course (it’s free! EVERYTHING IS FREE with Get A Grasp!) Registration closes on March 22nd so enroll now.

Gutter Talk 1 “Grasping The Pitch”:
Gutter Talk 2 “World Building”
Gutter Talk 3 “Setting Achievable Goals”
Gutter Talk 4 “Making The Pitch”
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