“The Humility Of The Artist” by Seth Godin (comic by Patrick Yurick)







Based on the article “The Humility Of The Artist” by Seth Godin


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17 Responses to ““The Humility Of The Artist” by Seth Godin (comic by Patrick Yurick)”

    • Patrick

      I tweeted him and tagged on Facebook. I wondered if he would find it, but no response yet.

  1. P.AllanFred.

    I love this. It is completely inspirational. I love “average work”. The concept of humility is an on going topic of discussion with my artist friends. Approach is everything. Thanks so much.

  2. WFC84

    So many in so few, and so deep and so easy to see what many times isn’t so clear! I loved this work!

  3. Kathy Shankar

    Thanks so much for putting this profound idea into visual language! This is a vital point – that you have to be patient to connect with your audience. I often feel alone and I’m told (when people look at my work), ” that’s too ‘intense’ for me,” but actually I’ve stopped taking that as rejection and now feel that it is a sign that I’m doing something that touches a nerve. That’s what I want…and eventually, if my work is worth anything, it will find an audience or an audience will find it.

  4. Lobi

    Nice one, I quite liked it and I agree. Write from the bottom of your heart, stay true to yourself and remember that the first person you must please with the story you write is yourself. Cool!


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