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23 Responses to “Get Started Already!”

      • N. Kraken

        I did. I have a single panel so far! LOL. Well to be more precise, I have several panels, but only the first one contains any content. I drew up some boxes and stared into the white void, and stared, and stared some more. Eventually I decided to re-create a small one page comic I drew as a homework assignment for a drawing class I took way, way back in high school. I remember very little about what I produced back then other than the general idea. If only I still had that assignment. It would be fun to compare the two once I’m done with this go-around.

        • luetkemj

          Hooray! Good on ya! Getting started is always a struggle so remember to practice it everyday even if you only do a panel or a thumbnail!

          Overcoming that initial fight to just begin often results in a flood of doing.

      • Ingrid

        Totally did. Made a shitty 8-panel comic of 2016 me telling past-me what I would be like at this age. And even though it’s fit for emergency toilet paper (if stiffness doesn’t perturb you), I did a couple drawings I’m proud of.
        So thanks for the motivation, 2014 you!

  1. Beni9n

    Very cool! I really like this character and how he’s been drawn. If you ever make a book of all these combined, I’ll buy it. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Bruce

    I once did a thing on Deviant Art where you go back and re-draw something you did at least a year prior. It was EXTREMELY educational. My process and skills had changed so much, I was in awe at how much I’d learned, and the realization that this will ALWAYS be the case. No matter how satisfied I am today, a year from now I will look back and know that it would be a different piece were I to draw it today.

  3. Adelaide C. F.

    Funny thing is, this is the best “how to make comics” tutorial I’ve seen so far (and I’ve seen quite a lot of them already, even some really good ones)!
    There IS beauty in simplicity, haha 🙂

  4. AwesomEmmanuel

    Thank you very much whoever did this. It was the best. The kiddie illustrations made me not afraid of my art being laughed at! Thank you!

  5. Andres

    Jumped over to this site from “How to Make a Comic Book” at Coursera. This was really good, very inspiring. I’m walking around and everything is becoming a comic book idea in my head.

  6. Grand Ray

    Wow… thanks for this idea in making comics. Most starters like encountered this kind of situation. LOL!
    I just need to push and one step at a time I can create my own comics.

  7. Janine Alyssa

    Whoa, that’s strange. I loved your article, so I shared it on my own website, and then I saw this weird spam message pop up on your article. I’m sorry about that, I’m not sure what that’s about.

  8. luetkemj

    No worries, thanks for the share! The comment below is a pingback that our theme displays – although I think I’m gonna style it differently…


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