Taste Vs. Ability


Taste-2 Taste-3Taste-4Taste-5Taste-6Taste-7Taste-8Taste-9




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20 Responses to “Taste Vs. Ability”

    • luetkemj

      Thanks John, but really it was Ira who nailed this one. I just threw some visuals on it.

  1. Jakob Nelson

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard/read this quote before, but I read it in Mr. Glass’s voice anyway. When I got to the bottom, i realized why.
    Well illustrated! I’m going to have to share this!

  2. Arnie

    Most definitely. I’ve learned even when time an life don’t work out the way you want, just keep fighting through it. The other biggest obstacle I had to overcome was to stop wishing I had Jim Lee’s career.

  3. Arken

    Really important message (and a cool Characture of Ira!) especially love the image of the pages building the bridge, such a decent shorthand for the process itself. Fantastic stuff.

  4. Cliff Crawford

    Rhoda Kellog Art educationalists wrote about the idea of a crisis of confidence. A point in our development when our ability to criticise our drawing develops faster than our drawing skill, often triggering a crisis of confidence; it is at this point that many people stop drawing. The way to deal with this is to keep drawing, the advice interestingly and visually given above.


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