1 Hour Workshop – How To Make A Comic Page


This 1 hour workshop uses small parts of the framework from the How to Make a Comic Book MOOC on Coursera – which a six week course that serves as an introduction to comic-making. Find out more about how you can take the course (ages 13+) by visiting: https://www.coursera.org/learn/make-comic-books

This workshop, as well as the course, was created by Patrick Yurick. Find out more about Patrick by visiting www.patrickyurick.com

Learning Outcomes:

  • Each participant will create a 1 page comic, consisting of 4 panels, that demonstrates the most important moments of their lives using a worksheet, pencil, eraser, ruler, and pen.


  • (10 Minutes) Introduction To Comic Pages
  • (15 Minutes) Penciling & Lettering
  • (15 Minutes) Inking
  • (10 Minutes) Small Group Share Outs
  • (10 Minutes) Closing


Using the provided worksheet create a 4 panel comic that depicts the most important moment(s) of your life.  Start by penciling and lettering your comic using the provided tutorials (feel free to skim). There is no way to do the assignment wrong, but we do ask that your final comic meet the following requirements:

  • Page is turned vertically, not horizontally
  • Use as much of the WHOLE panel as possible
  • Pencils are are light and clean
  • Letters are measured out
  • Letters are legible
  • Inked letters are clear
  • Inked art is easy to read
  • Extra credit if you post a selfie with your finished page and tweet it at @Making_Comics


Optional Tutorials:

Optional Grading Rubrics:

Optional Videos:


Student Models:

student-model-1 student-model-3 working