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Tropes are storytelling devices. Used well, they enrich a story; used badly, they result in the dreaded cliché. This series of articles takes a closer look at some major tropes relevant to comics and the pitfalls they may present.

This isn’t a trope per se, but a collection of thoughts and advice on this subject from someone who was deeply obsessed with names at some point. It’s written with comics in mind but applies equally to writing for other media.


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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 29 – Ted Washington

We’re back to artist interviews this week and today’s episode hits the ground running. Adam sits down one-on-one in his “home studio” with artist-extraordinaire Ted Washington to talk about everything from St. Louis to the Zen of stipple work. And if you’re ever worried your path is an unconventional one, stop worrying. You’re actually in the norm.


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#FAQDevin – How should I manage my social media presence?

I’ve received several excellent questions recently, so look for yours in a column in the near future. And keep sending them in! You guys rock.

Today, Arnie G. asks:

After years of being “out of the game,” I am currently rebuilding a  young career as a freelance artist. I find myself with outdated material [showcasing] outdated skills [in terms of] what i have to offer. Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, DeviantArt, Freelance Dot Com, Twitter, [and] PHP are all the rage [to the point where] it seems no matter where you turn, everyone swears “this” is the one to use. Not wanting to be left behind, it can get confusing with all these accounts and becomes easy to neglect a few. I ‘m wondering what is the best way to organize them so any information is shared across platforms? [W]hich of these is best [for a] portfolio, networking, sharing with my peers, etc? What [are their] advantage[s]? (more…)

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So You Wanna Publish A Webcomic? – Part 4

Making pages and using widgets
By the end of the last tutorial, our site was up and we had made quite a few basic edits to the CSS to begin to customize the look of the site. I continued on to make some more edits and if you want to see my updated stylesheet, you can download one here.


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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 28 – Education w/ Patrick Yurick (Part 2)

We make no claim to know everything. But what we do know is there is change happening in the education system, both good and bad, and the options are limited but simple: You can either fight it or you can figure out a way to positively affect that change. Adam and Patrick sit down to discuss not just some of the changes that are currently happening and why, but also to discuss how and why we here at Making Comics Worldwide plan on being part of that change.

To some our goals may seem lofty. To us, it’s an opportunity to assist in making a difference and learning in an artistic and creative manner. Click play or download this week’s Gutter Talk episode to understand why we feel that is so important and worth the effort.


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#FAQDevin – I feel like I’m running out of time, what should I do?

Send me your questions! Not kidding guys, I only have a couple in my inbox. Tweet with #FAQDevin to @devinafterdark.

Good one today though (they all are). The question of project scope seems to come up a lot, I think with good reason. It’s difficult to judge what you’re capable of finishing when starting out. But there’s a mental/emotional aspect that often gets tied up in that question. Can I accomplish what I want? Am I capable? Developing the ability to perform a task is usually only part of it. (more…)


Announcing The “Uniting The Worldwide #Makecomics Community” Panel At San Diego Comic Con International 2014

We are more than please to announce that we will be hosting an exciting new panel at San Diego Comic Con International 2014!

Details: Uniting the Worldwide Makecomics Community Join host +Patrick Yurick  (CEO of +Making Comics ) in this celebratory panel designed to connect the comic makers of the world.  The discussion will center around the status of the world-wide comic-making revolution happening on and off-line. Guest panelists include Mark Waid (Thrillbent, Daredevil),  Rachel Beck (Storyforge Productions), Jim Zub  (Skullkickers, Wayward), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), Christina Blanch (SuperMOOC2, Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), and Palle Schmidt (Comics For Beginners, Thomas Aslop)

Got questions or specific topics you want discussed? Tweet them to @Making_comics or leave a comment on this post!


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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 27 – Education w/ Patrick Yurick (Part 1)

Currently, there’s a revolution happening in the education realm. We here at Making Comics Worldwide (soon to be our new name!) are helping to fuel the fire of this revolution with our ever expanding repertoire of articles, tutorials, and even podcasts, just to name a few. We feel a change is needed and we don’t need no stinkin’ phone booth; we already have our costume on. That said, we thought the “origin story” of the education system was needed in order to lay down the foundation of our budding empire.

Before you click play or download this episode, please know the podcast you are about to listen to is more of an outline of the history of education than it is a lecture on the subject. There are key points in time we felt needed to be mentioned in order to get to where we find ourselves today, yet another turning point in the history of education. And we plan on being right there on the front lines fighting the good fight. Worldwide.


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#FAQDevin – Launching a Webcomic

The first one of these went well so let’s try another, shall we? Thanks to everyone who sent in questions (please continue to do so)! It’s looking like I’ll be answering one question a week so if you don’t see yours, keep checking back.

Today’s question is from Jennifer (Jenny?) P.

How many pages would you suggest I publish for my comic’s initial launch? It’s a webcomic (story driven). I plan to make buffers (20-30 pages) but not sure how many to upload on the initial launch.