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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 38 – Egypt Urnash

There are numerous webcomics on the internet these days and like snowflakes, no two are alike. In this week’s Gutter Talk episode, Adam and Marisa chat with Egypt Urnash, or Peggy as she’s known in conversation, as they discuss what’s behind her amazing scrolling webcomic, Decrypting Rita, as well as perhaps one of every artist’s biggest fears when it comes to printing a comic, a fear that unfortunately for Peggy came to fruition.


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Character Design (For Your Portfolio)

LINK: Sheridan Portfolio Tips For Character Design

4_FWEBCharacter design can be difficult. This great website helps you understand how to break down the different ways you need to fundamentally design your character before you start using that character for production. This walkthrough was originally created as a helpful tutorial for future animators to develop their portfolio for entry into the Sheridan College Bachelor of Animation program.

Character design is paramount before beginning work on a printed page due to the need for consistency of design required to draw a character repeatedly over the course of a compendium of pages.



Artist X Artist: Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske discuss Kickstarter, storytelling, and life

When great minds collide, they tend to create something rather wonderful. Yesterday, Jason Brubaker (reMind, Sithrah) sat down with Daniel Lieske (The Wormworld Saga) to field questions from fans of each other’s respective series as well as how they go about working on such excellent titles. Since both of them have Kickstarter campaigns exploding, they felt that a little Q&A with backers of their projects would be a great treat for everyone. (more…)

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 37 – Inkblazers (Taylor Holt & James Roy)

Who isn’t a fan of those that are unique and stand out in some way? Well, if you’re in the anti-unique crowd, you should try it sometime. Maybe put your pants over your head and go to the mall or something. And while you’re doing that, listen to Taylor Holt and James Roy, artists and staff members of a unique website in its own right, Adam is joined by Taylor and James as they discuss topics ranging from hands and chains to just what is so darn unique about Inkblazers. Plus, find out what James is like in the middle of the night, UK time, and if Taylor has any growths. It’s not what it sounds like but take a listen anyway and find out for yourself.


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#TalkingComics w/ Kevin Cullen: John Layman on Writing and Its Varied Process

This week’s interview spotlight falls directly on the writer mastermind, John Layman, who won the Eisner for Best New Series in 2010 and Best Continuing Series in 2011. With superstar titles like Batman and Chew under his belt, Layman’s definitely got some sway in the swirling, mishmash world of comic books. I talked with him recently about his process and how he manages to wrangle such manic worlds into cohesive stories. (more…)

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Tools of the Trade: Traditional Inking

Inking may be one of the most misunderstood disciplines of the comic art world. All it involves is tracing over lines that have already been drawn, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that; the craft is actually quite complicated with its variety of tools and methods to complete the given task. (more…)

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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 36 – Chris Miskiewicz

Have you ever read the first line of a comic or graphic novel or any story, really, and you knew right away the story was going to be amazing? That’s what we at Making Comics felt when we got our ink-stained paws on “Thomas Alsop” and the words Chris Miskiewicz was putting down on paper. We knew the art by Palle Schmidt would blow us away but the story and how the plot develops was what made Adam and the rest of the team excited about having Chris on the show. Having met Chris at San Diego Comic Con this summer, it seemed both right and inevitable to have him on the podcast. Take a listen as Adam and Chris sit down to discuss writing, acting, and hooliganis- uh, research for future stories.


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Making Comics Gutter Talk Episode 35 – Re-Issue #6 (Petersen & Kaniuga)

Even though every day is a day to make comics, we here at Making Comics Worldwide like Fridays best. Ok, maybe just Adam likes Fridays best. Still, if you like making comics AND listening to amazing artists on podcasts, then Fridays are definitely the best day of the week because that’s exactly what you get with Gutter Talk. Today, as we’ve been doing every last Friday of the month, we crank up the time traveling machine and dip back to a time when Jason Brubaker was the host and the guests were just as awesome as the ones we have now.

This episode is a sit-down with not just the creator of Twilight Monk, Trent Kaniuga, but also the mastermind behind Mouse Guard, David Petersen. We open, though, with a brief set-up chat with Adam and Marisa Brenizer to get things warmed up.


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10 Pieces of Advice for Freelancers

This article applies to more than just the comics industry. I’ve been working as a freelance artist since 1998 and this is some of what I learned along the way.  These are my ten best pieces of advice for working independently.